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Freda Joy
Pin 4636
Hi there I'm Freda-Joy. I am an open and honest, down-to-earth, natural psychic reader and spiritual healer. I work with ...
Psychic Ellen
Pin 6976
Hi, I'm Ellen, I'm an intuitive psychic, I specialise in working with crystals and their energies. Working with crystals, cards ...
Pin 5080
I first discovered my Psychic abilities when I was four years old, when I would have dreams of various events. ...
Pin 4029
Hello I'm Joe, a Natural Psychic who has been practicing and utilising my senses for over 27 years. Using a direct, ...
Sophia Angelini
Pin 6921
Welcome, I'm Sophia Angelini. I am a compassionate natural psychic and card reader. I have been practicing reading now for ...
Natalie Thomas
Pin 4524
Hello I'm Natalie, and I have been working as a psychic for over 10 years. I work predominantly with the cards, ...
Karen Brown
Pin 4073
Hi, I'm Karen Brown, and I am a Psychic and Oracle card reader. I discovered my senses aged 13 and have ...
Joanna Scott
Pin 4601
Hello I'm Joanna Scott. I am Natural Psychic and Empath, I'm also known as THE go-to reader at Psychic Today ...
Pin 6222
Julie is a very positive and uplifting psychic. She tells us that she has been aware of her psychic senses ...