Frequently Ask Questions

Mediums Now is a brand new concept whereby we offer quality and professional readings to our clients whilst our readers interact with you by writing personal and professional blogs and social media posts. We want our readers to reach out to you in every way possible in order to make that firm connection with you.
You can either pay via your phone, so we will charge you a pence per minute plus your phone company’s access charge for the duration of your use of the service. Alternatively and seemingly more popular, customers can purchase our “Minutes packages” via their credit/debit card and access the service this way. If you are purchasing via card we issue you with a PIN number pre-loaded with minutes which you then use on the service. You will be given a local number to call and once connected you will enter your purchased PIN to access the service. Topping up is super easy, you can do this on your account page or as a guest on the home page. You can even top up your PIN on the phone.
All of our readers are totally compassionate about providing a professional service and giving all of our customer’s totally amazing readings. We always go by customer feedback and as you can see the large majority of our readers have outstanding reviews. If we find that a reader is not performing well or if there have been any complaints then this reader if fully investigated until we reach a conclusion. However, from years of experience within the medium field, we can tell you that it normally takes a matter of hours to spot a disingenuous reader and that is something that we address immediately if ever required.
A long time ago we decided that everyone deserved the chance to receive a professional yet affordable medium, psychic or tarot reading from the privacy of their own homes. To date, we have achieved that goal and we are extremely happy that we can provide Mediums at such an affordable cost.
Mediums Now are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! You can obtain a reading anytime you want.
Mediums Now have a clever feature which allows you to add your favourite readers to a favourite readers list. When your favourite readers become available a notification will show on your screen thus allowing you to see when they are available. We have also provided you with the log on hours that the reader has completed for the last week enabling you to see their reading patterns. However, we cannot always guarantee the availability of a reader due to a number of people that may be trying that reader at any one time!
All transactions will show as ‘Com’ and ‘Tel’ on your statement.
We hope that you never have to complain and that the service is always to your standards. However on the rare occasion that you need to make a complaint please email and we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
You can purchase a reading through your account section or by using the quick method under the “Live Readers” section at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can call the Premium Rate Number shown at the top of the screen. We always give clear pricing on all methods of payment.
Yes, all of our reviews have been submitted by our customers. We do not write reviews ourselves. Some reviews submitted by customers are not added to the readers profile if they contain bad language, any personal details or any slanderous comments.
You can call our customer service team on 0808 131 0880 (Monday – Sunday 8am-3am) or email:
We cannot tell our readers when to conduct readings. They only do their readings when they feel ready to do so. The best way to get through to your favourite reader is to watch the live feed and wait until they become available. Also when you do speak to your reader you can ask them when they will most likely be on next for another reading.
We take credit card fraud very seriously and if you believe fraud has occurred on your card we will investigate fully. We will listen to the call recordings, compile transaction data and fully investigate any complaints.