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The Full Harvest Moon tomorrow morning at 7 am, will be felt from this evening. This full moon is at 13.5 degrees in Pisces. Also occurring are Mercury coming out of retrograde and Neptune (also controlled by Pisces) going into retrograde. So, what does all this mean?

Firstly, the Harvest Moon is one of gathering the results of the seeds one planted earlier this year. We have gone through a slow and hard period of growth, each in our own way. Our crops are now ripe, and we need to gather them, store them and then use them throughout the winter months.


All Full Moons signify the end of a cycle, the culmination of a set of events. With endings come new beginnings.

In August, we saw two eclipses plus some heavy glitches in communication. A difficult time was had by many. Seemingly strange and sudden destructive events. Lack of steady progress. Arguments, serious discussions with loved ones to try and create balance and better relationships.

At the Harvest, we now see the results of these events. We are clear for a new phase, but in order to do that, we have to carefully select what we need for the coming months and discard the dead wood.  We take what we planted and start using it for real. We also need to leave our fields clean and tidy in order to have a successful crop next year and start the work on that too!

During this next month, you should see some progress at last. Stuck situations on communication will finally give way and be resolved, one way or another. This may be in love, in career or in finances or house moves, depending on your personal astrology.


Our sensitivity and inner consciousness are at a high. We can feel deep within what we need at a spiritual level. OK, our outer selves may be rejecting this and hanging on for dear life to old and outmoded ideas. We may be praying for repairs to relationships that may not be a happening thing, or waiting and hoping for the return to normality of a relationship that has passed. Underneath, in our subconscious, we will have unusually good intuition as to what we really need over the next few days, especially when the moon is at a high. We need to listen to our inner selves and do what we need to for our personal progress.

For those of us who have water sun signs and ascendants, our imagination may run riot. Neptune’s influence may get the better of us! We may be party to some pretty strange events, coincidences or emotional feelings that get the better of us. Our psychic senses also may be at an extreme, so be careful Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio not to misread the signs you are given


If you can filter your intuition correctly, and use your recent past experiences as a stepping stone, this month you should see better progress than you have had for quite a few months previously.

If you need guidance as to which path to take at this important time, or simply need a listening ear to your current situation, then do call one of our psychic team, who are on hand for you. Often just speaking to a psychic will bring your intuitive feelings to the surface, so you have greater clarity on how to progress. Their insight will prompt you so you can progress with greater certainty this coming month.

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