How Mediums Connect with Your Loved Ones.

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  • Carmen Rose

Mediums and Psychic Mediums often see or hear spirits from an early age. This experience can range from this being normal if the Medium is born into a psychic family, or a perplexing one if they are not. When you see spirits from an early age and are surrounded with people who cannot, it can be frightening, puzzling and most of all a frustrating experience.

As time goes on the Medium learns to hone their skills. For example, as a young child, they may be able to see or sense spirits on a regular basis but not speak with them. As time develops and the Medium takes an interest in finding out more, they can then speak with spirit. They often go on to discover their spirit guides and then begin communication on a regular basis.

The Medium may have little choice in all of this. When spirits appear and pick a certain person, they are often quite insistent!

Psychic Mediums

Psychics and Clairvoyants often develop mediumistic skills when using their psychic skills on a regular basis. This can happen at any stage in life; when a teenager to being in one’s forties or fifties. When this happens and the psychic develops this skill, they become a psychic medium.

Some psychic mediums are blessed with both gifts from an early age, are connected with spirit from childhood, plus they have some kind of clairvoyant, empathic or other psychic skills of their own.

Using Their Skills to Help Others

The Medium or Psychic Medium often develops their gift of helping others through one or more incidences with other people. Often the start of this is a daring moment, where the Medium can see a spirit around a friend or stranger and makes a comment about the spirit to this person. The Medium gets confirmation that the spirit is indeed relevant to the person concerned and builds confidence. This develops into being able to pass messages from the spirit to their relative or friend. And this is the true meaning of the word “Medium”; an intermediator between the spirit world and the earth plane.

Mediumship Readings

Mediums do not always work in the same way. Let us say that you as a client calls a Medium.  In some cases, the spirit of a passed loved one (or several spirits) will immediately present themselves directly to the Medium when they are connected with you. The Medium can then describe these people and pass on any messages they have for you.

The Medium may be able to see the spirits, sense the spirits, hear the spirits or a combination or all or any of these, according to the spirit’s energy.

In other cases, the Medium works through their guides, and it is the guides that connect with your passed loved ones and in turn pass messages to the Medium, who relays this on to you, the client.

In other cases still, the Medium works with a tool such as cards and through these are passed messages from spirit. Often, they will get an image of the person passing the messages and then be able to pick up specific messages.

Spirits may present themselves during a straightforward psychic reading too. They connect in via the energy of the Psychic Medium, or through a specific event that is being discussed for the client.

In all cases, it is the energy connection between the client and the Medium or Psychic; the means to communicate, that attracts the spirit and allows this direct contact.

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