Monthly Horoscope Forecast for Aries

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Revisit the past but don’t stay there open up to love.
Examine something in the bold, blue light of truth.
The weeks leading up to your birthday unearth secrets and mysteries. It may not just be the secret you’re keeping but what has been kept from you. It’s your time to know and to see things for how they really are. By doing this you will free yourself and open up new potential. It’s all designed to shed blockages and free you for what lies ahead in the coming year. Which believe me is going to be pretty huge. It begins with Mercury deliverer of information in your 12th acting as a catalyst to ruler Mars in your 9th. You may face hard truths about yourself and possibly another. But the result is a massive leap forward and a catalyst for change.

Expect intense emotions as March begins as after a month without a full Moon, we have the first of two ‘blue’ Moons on the 2nd. This occurs in your 6th of work and also wellbeing. This is the house opposite your 12th obviously and what you may find is that there is a delayed but powerful reaction to this that peaks emotionally for you around the 4th when the Sun meets Neptune in your 12th. This is when something hidden may well ‘come to light’ and it could affect your work or see you having to look closely at how this or your routine, impacts on your soul. This may call for a radical re-design or even a shedding of anything from a connection to a habit. But the result of this could, in fact, be beautiful as before Mercury and Venus enter your 1st they meet in your 12th bringing a link to your past and marking the beginning of new potential in love.

The past may play a role but it may be just that you re-frame it as it now really is the time to begin to set yourself new goals for your upcoming cycle. Think of this as when you undertake a soul business plan in very much the same way as you would an actual one if you are launching a business. And perhaps that is one of your goals for the coming year. No matter what direction you want to go in and what you wish to attain, you need a plan. It’s time to follow the direction of your passion. Have you been doing that? Jupiter in your 8th is asking you to take stock of what you have, what you want to attain and also your ideas around your ability to achieve this as the planet of expansion and luck begins a retrograde cycle which will last until July. Part of this stock take could be looking at how powerful and proactive you are. Not just in going after your goals but in maintaining your boundaries. Ruler Mars is presently in your 9th – Sagittarius, while Jupiter is in your 8th – Scorpio, which before Pluto was discovered, was Mars’s ruling sign. Jupiter rules your 9th and Sagittarius. So, Mars and Jupiter right now are in what we call ‘mutual reception’. Even though Jupiter is retrograde, you can access inner strength, power and the ability to draw the line if needed. You also have staying power to see things through – and to follow that business plan once you have it. You’ve got access to action and innovation now but this could involve going back over things and also looking closely at where you may have to enforce boundaries especially around anything you share with others. Or perhaps even yourself. Self-discipline is power and you can access this now.

The second week of March leading up to your birthday asks for you to look at your past but to be compassionate with yourself if you have any regrets about it. The new Moon in your 12th asks you to apply empathy, forgiveness and understanding and also allows you to access insight and healing and direct this to yourself. Understand it is good sometimes to have regrets as these tell us we have moved forward and learned from the experience. What is not good however is to beat ourselves up over the choices we made. We need to understand we made the best one with the information and skills we had at the time. Put the past into perspective with this new Moon, pour yourself a healing draught of self-love and then move on. That part is important as ruler Mars enters your 10th of career, reputation and renown today. Your ambition and desire to succeed ignite now.

It is back to those goals and what you want and you need to be free to go after them without taking guilt from your past with you. Venus in your 1st ignites a destiny fuelled path by making a breath-taking angle to the North Node in your 5th. What is it you wish this new cycle to bring you? A new love? A career or business opportunity? Or just soul freedom and the ability to live an abundant, passionate life?

The Sun arrives in your 1st from the 20th and with Mercury turning retrograde in your 1st from the 23rd, that revised plan or stocktake as we have referred to it could have you enjoying the moment but waiting to take action while you work on it. Mercury retros are all about ‘re’ words – revise, revisit and re-evaluate what you want before moving ahead. With Jupiter also retrograde in your 8th the ‘re’ words also include rebirth which your 8th rules. But there are other ‘re’ words that are in play due to ruler Mars, Pluto and also Lilith in your 10th. These include rewards and reputation. Just bear in mind that this is a time for conclusion and completion and rewards will come from what is already in motion. Keep working on that plan rather than initiating anything new now. Focus, don’t scatter your energy for targeted success.

The final week of the month could bring an unexpected twist when it comes to romance or what you attract into your life. The twist could be a gift or opportunity that you didn’t expect or else doesn’t look like what you thought you wanted. The surprise is it’s just what you needed. This could even come in the form of a chance to show off your ideas, talents or abilities and you are amazed at the response you get as Venus and Uranus meet in your 1st on the 29th. Be open and above all, be yourself now as this transit is all about your vibe, your frequency and how the universe (and others) respond to that.

The final day of March sees the second (‘blue’) full Moon on the month appear in your partnership sector. This is the same day as Venus who rules this house in your chart enters her other ruling house – your 2nd of money, assets and values. You want to get closer and share your feelings now with a partner or someone close to you. Above all, you are striving to remove barriers between and you others, to open up emotionally and achieve true understanding. Love is demanding an outlet now and you will be testing the waters to see whether your partner or even a friend, is open to moving towards true honesty and connection. It’s not just a one-way street. You open like a sunflower when your partner or someone else shares their emotions too. Just like a sunflower follows the sun you’ll turn towards trying to accommodate their feelings as you express your own. However, if someone is not up for this, you may now look closely at the future of your connection. Remember what I said about others responding to your vibe or frequency? If someone doesn’t chances are there are others who will. Does the sunflower follow the sun or the sun track the sunflower? Maybe a bit of both for you this month, Aries.

In a nutshell: Secrets are revealed. Mysteries cleared up. A new path to love is opening up. Are you ready to walk it, Aries?

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