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Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life? Or perhaps you have seen one or several glimpses or even seen a past life in a dream?

What happens if you go to a therapist and have a past life regression?


A past life regression therapist will usually make you comfortable. The session can happen in person, or over the phone. Either way, you need to be in a comfortable, quiet and relaxed area, and lie down or sit back into a comfortable chair.

The past life therapist will usually ask you to relax. This may well involve some deep breathing, with a view to reaching a state near to sleep, or a meditative state. It is, in fact, this change in energy level that will allow you to see your own past lives. But don’t worry, the therapist can usually link into your energy via you, and do the seeing for you if needs are!

One you reach the correct energy level, the therapist takes you through a visualisation. This may be a walk through a forest where you find a tree with an open door, a beach where you find a cave or a house that you walk through. You contribute by telling the therapist what you see.

Here is an excerpt from a real past life experience;


When I saw the ancient tree, there was an open doorway in the middle of its enormous trunk, that was at least two metres wide. Behind the doorway, the tree seemed quite hollow and a staircase had been carved, descending down into the centre of the tree. I descended, clinging onto roots.

At the bottom of the staircase was a corridor. It was dimly lit. I could smell earth and some kind of flowery perfume.  To my left on the floor was an old wooden chest of some size. Looking down the corridor I could see many doors to the left and to the right.

My therapist asked me to open the chest and take out what was inside. There was a blue dress, of medieval style, a kind of heavy cotton, long, with several layers skirts and a fitted bodice, a basket and an apple. My therapist asked me to put the dress on. I picked up the basket and place the apple in it. Then she asked me to turn around, as behind me was a full-length mirror.

I slowly turned. Who I saw in the mirror was not me as I am now. I saw a girl in her twenties, with long, pale brown hair, slightly wavy, a long face, a pointed nose and large blue-green eyes, around 1.68 metres high. But the strange thing was, even though this girl was almost the opposite to my current looks, there was something about her that I knew was me! Something about her eyes, like looking at myself in another body. When the girl moved, I felt myself move in her. I felt I WAS her!

The therapist asked me to walk down the corridor, and select one of the wooden doors. I walked past several doors to my left and right, until I saw a light under one of the doors. The therapist asked if I was ready and when I was, to open that door.

I took the old circular handle in my hand and twisted it. It creaked open.

I found myself in the middle of a forest and began to walk, my skirts rustling, the basket in the crook of my arm….


The rest of this journey will be recounted in a later blog! But you can see here how the past life journey begins.

Investigating your past lives can give you an amazing insight into your soul journey, and who you are today. Find out about your past lives by speaking to one of our specialists here;