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About Aurora

A compassionate natural psychic, who concentrates on giving enlightening and inspirational readings. The areas my readings are centred around are emotional insight and empathy, Love/Relationships, and removing emotional blockages and I have about 20 years experience of giving psychic readings at a professional level. I'm often asked about love and relationships. My style guides customers to discern between what they do and don't have the power to change. I empower my customers to become magnets of who or what they want to attract. I guide them in identifying what they need which could be just creating space for the new or letting go of the old. Through my compassionate style of reading customers should leave with a clearer perspective and uplifted. During a first time reading I establish a welcoming rapport, and encourage them to relax with a few deep breaths. I start with a general reading to tune into their energy and as the connection deepens I can look at areas they need guidance with. I find if I am feeling relaxed and grounded it helps my clients to relax too. I meditate daily and practise yoga to stay in alignment with my higher self. My favourite tools are my cards. A pictures says a 1000 words, my intuition tells me *which* words. I find reading with the cards gives structure to the messages that come through me psychically. I don't have an "aha moment". As my Dad was naturally psychic too, I always thought my deeper sense of understanding was just the norm. It wasn't until my teenage years that I realised I was different, it's then when I started to develop my intuition and psychic abilities by seeking out like minded people, as well as educating myself through reading and alternative media. During my spare time I like to connect with nature, I enjoy dancing, yoga and meditation. I'm interested in the arts and enjoy seeing live music and comedy. I get involved in my community through activism and service. I like to take photos and have deep conversations with both friends and strangers. Adventures are fun, I love traveling and am planning a trip to india where I will train to be a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. My favourite inspirational quote is “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

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