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About Bibi

My name is Bibi and I have been giving psychic readings professionally for nearly 10 years. I would say I am down to earth, honest and patient. My favourite subjects to read on are Compatibility between 2 parties using astrology or other tools, Destiny and Lifepath Readings and Love and Relationships. My clients often tend to ask for Love and Relationship readings. I will use the cards to give insight if someone is thought to be a twin soul, soul mate or perfect partner. I do not tend to ask for too much background information to begin with, I simply ask the cards the question about the caller’s current situation, so the caller can feel if the cards are in tune with their situation. One of my favourite tools are my cards which I have been using for over 40 years. The cards enhance my psychic senses and I feel an intense energy in my fingers while I am laying the cards. I discovered I was a psychic when I was a child, I used to see things that seemingly others could not, and it felt really natural to me. When I was older I went for a reading myself and the person that read for me told me I had psychic ability and that one day I would earn my living from become a psychic reader myself. During a first time reading I will start by asking your name and birth sign, I will ask the nature of the call and get straight to work. If the reading is a general I tend to use my Russian cards. I am a keen traveller and on my journeys I have been to many countries and lived with people from different cultures. That has given me a wide knowledge of spiritual practices and customs from all over the world. My work is my hobby and I spend a lot of my free time going to spiritual meetings, reading up on Psychic Development and developing my own psychic abilities. One of my favourite inspirational quotes is “Life shrinks and expands in proportion to ones courage” by Anais Nin.

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