SOUL RESCUE- Why Do Spirits Get Stuck on This Plane?

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  • Carmen Rose

Soul rescue work is the work of a medium to help a spirit to move on to the higher plane. There are many vibrational levels, and each spirit has his “next step”. There are various reasons why the spirit does not choose to follow their path and decides to hang on at earth level.

From evidence of people who have had near-death experiences, it is commonly believed that when one dies, there is a tunnel of light to pass through to get to the next plane of existence. However, for one reason or another, some spirits make an active decision not to take this route, or “miss the boat” intentionally or unintentionally.

In these cases, the medium can help the spirit by helping them to move on. This soul rescue work is often very rewarding for the medium and the spirit alike. 


There are many different types of spirits that vibrate at different levels.

In some cases, when a person dies, they do not realise they have passed, or believe they will not die and will return into their bodies. These spirits literally do miss the tunnel of light offered to them. They then continue “living their life” in quite a normal manner. They potter about. This can be quite a lonely existence if they do not cross other spirits at the same vibrational level. Often, they also cannot see the living and so are effectively in their own little universe, but on this plane.

In other cases, the spirit makes a conscious decision not to move to the light when they pass. Such occurrences may happen if, at the time of passing, the spirit wishes to give someone an important message, or simply does not wish to leave a certain person behind. This situation can be quite frustrating for a spirit, as the person they stayed put for often cannot see or hear them. They therefore just rest around that person, sitting in armchairs, or sleeping with them, as if they are still alive, but without communication.

There are also spirits who actively choose not to move to the light that is offered to them on departure for other reasons. These are often quite low vibrating spirits with an energy closer to our own, but with an inquisitive nature in human form. This makes it easier not to move into the light and remain on this plane. These types of spirits often go off and investigate. They can usually see people. To begin with, things can be amusing, but with time and experience this can also get wearing. The spirit often then tries to interact with people and seeks out those with a corresponding vibration to play or interact with. These spirits may learn through practice to change their vibrations and be able to do certain things. This may include being seen by a person, talking to them, having a physical presence which can be felt such as touching the hair or shoulder of a person, moving or removing items and then replacing them later.

SOUL RESCUE WORK- What the Medium Can Do

The medium is often called by a person who has experienced spirit activity of one form or another. The person may be quite worried by this, but in most cases, there is little to worry about. The spirit often makes themselves known but has no bad intentions. Needless to say, that from the person’s point of view things are different! Having a spirit traipsing noisily up your hallway every night, sitting on your bed, or hiding items can be quite frightening. Usually the person has no idea who this spirit is, why they are doing what they are doing and what their intentions are. They also do not know what the spirits limits are and often suspect that things may get worse.

Mediums techniques to help the spirit do vary enormously. The medium may be able to communicate with the spirit and find out what its intentions are. In some cases, where the spirit does not realise they have passed, simply telling them has an effect on their vibration and they are then able to move on. In others, the medium is able to pass the messages on from the spirit to the person concerned. The spirit is then elated and free to move on.

In some more stubborn cases, the spirit is quite happy where they are and do not wish to go anywhere else. The medium may use reasoning to explain to them that their presence is disturbing people. The spirit may or may not care.


A quick cleanse will often remove the stubborn spirit from his current place and “put him out on the street”. This technique may use protective crystals or symbols, salt or salt water, the burning of sage, the reading of biblical or religious verses or tools, among other things. The spirit will often leave the premises, but will simply go off to find someone else to interact with, elsewhere. This is therefore not much of a solution for the spirit, but works for the person or property that is now liberated from their attention.


The medium often decides that the spirit should move to his true next destination, whether he wants to or not. The medium simply knows that when he gets to this next level, he will be happier and at peace.

The medium may variously consult family members of the spirit who are already on the other side, a certain angel, or their own guides, to ask for assistance in the soul rescue work. A ray of light may then appear for the spirit to pass through, and move on to their next destination.

The medium may be able to help the spirit to move towards the tunnel opening, or in stubborn cases may be able to move them towards the light by limiting their ability to go elsewhere. In other cases, the helping forces will assist the spirit to move on.

This transit is a very beautiful and moving sight for mediums who work in soul rescue. The spirit rises fluidly, often with a glittering energy and is gently integrated into the light, or slowly disappears. This process can take quite some time, often lasting 20 minutes or more on our plane. There is an overriding feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Soul rescue work is often tiring but rewarding work for mediums. It is one of the most satisfying aspects of a mediums life, to see a spirit going to the next step on its journey, and too see them feeling serene at last.

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